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First-dollar Earthquake insurance.
You shake, we pay.

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Why do you need first-dollar earthquake insurance?

Well, traditional insurance doesn’t work in your favor. They have HUGE deductibles—like up to 25% of the value of your property and contents coverage. And that’s before you even receive a single dime.

Not to mention, that traditional earthquake insurance usually comes with a complicated and very long claims process. In short, you’re not getting paid for a very long time, if at all. . .

So we’ve changed that. With Shake and Pay first-dollar earthquake insurance, you get money for what you need it for, when you really need it.


Let’s break it down.

Earthquake damage is not insured under standard residential/ commercial insurance policies.
Earthquakes are unpredictable, so being proactive makes all the difference!
Get the coverage you need to protect your assets, company, family and home!

So why Shake & Pay® first-dollar earthquake insurance?

Our coverage was designed to protect the realistic losses that occur due to a natural disaster. That means, we understand earthquake damage goes way beyond what the eye can see. Fully protecting your investments is our promise.

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We cover:

  • Full Property Damage
  • Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage
  • Hardscapes and Landscapes
  • Direct/Indirect Financial Losses
  • Business Interruption (BI) / Contingent BI
  • Engineering and Safety Certification Costs
  • Loss of Revenue or Profit
  • Extra and Extraordinary Expenses
  • Equity Protection

All with zero deductible and a rapid, straightforward and transparent claims process.

What makes Shake and Pay® different?

No deductible! After an earthquake, the last thing you should do is pay out-of-pocket to get your life back on track.
Independent, public data is used to determine the amount available to cover your economic loss.
You’re not required to have physical damage to have a valid claim. Shake and Pay® covers economic loss too!
We provide a straight forward, rapid and transparent claims process.

Let’s see those coverage details

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Insurance coverage that finally works in your favor.

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