Does the epicenter of the earthquake need to occur in my county to trigger my policy?

NO!!! A Magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquake can happen anywhere in your state or extended region. After the earthquake occurs, the policy loss payout amount is determined based on the Maximum Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) as measured by the USGS ShakeMap in your county.

What is Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA)?

Peak ground acceleration (PGA) is an intensity measurement of actual ground shaking that occurs during an earthquake. PGA can be measured many miles from the epicenter of the earthquake and can be a better predictor of economic loss as experienced by the insured since it is being measured locally in your county.

Why is PGA the determinant of the maximum payout instead of the magnitude of the earthquake at the epicenter?

The epicenter of the earthquake can be several hundred miles from your location; even in a neighboring state. As a policyholder, the PGA intensity as measured in your county and the level of damages you experience is what is most important. As an example, if you live near a fault line and a high magnitude earthquake occurs 300 miles from your location, the ground shaking that you experience could still be severe in your county.

Available limits and territories

  • Automated quoting and binding for limits between $50,000 and $5,000,000 within a single coverage region.
  • Higher limits or for risks that include more than a single coverage region, underwriting referrals are available.

Is the limit of insurance connected to the total value of my exposure?

NO!!! Unlike traditional insurance that attaches in excess of likely losses and is underwritten based upon the total exposure, Shake and Pay limits are determined based upon projected needs and budget.

Who is providing the insurance?

Various insurance companies securely rated by A.M. Best.

Do I have to have traditional insurance to purchase Shake and Pay?

This is not a requirement for purchase of the product.

What is ShakeMap?

ShakeMap is a product of the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program that provides near-real-time maps of ground motion and shaking intensity following significant earthquakes, which can be found here: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/data/shakemap.

Who is RMS?

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) is a leading catastrophe risk modeling company founded in 1989 to “create a more resilient and sustainable global society through a better understanding of catastrophic events.”

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